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From Sketch 2D/3D Model Reverse Engineering Modify From Existing Product
Reverse Engineering
Re-Resign, Re- Engineer, Revive From the Previous Design

Sometimes adjustment and upgrade to the current product makes more sense to your operation, rather than design something completely from scratch, let us reverse engineer for you from the sample or a production unit you already got some of the reasons to reengineer that we can help you with:

Replacing items that are non-compliance to your specification, or rebuilding product that is no longer available.
End of life products
Creating a solution that is better fit to your requirement from the existing sample
Price sensitive products to reduce cost for better competitive pricing in the market presentation

Reengineering Capacity

With more than 20 years of experience to manufacture server related products and hardware components, our capacity are as the following:

CAD Design for existing products or parts to re-engineer from.
Engineer CAD sample from comprehensive measurement of the actual
product sample
2D or 3D mockup of the actual sample from the measurement and
re-engineering evaluation
Producing multiple alternative to the production for pricing evaluation

Cost Concerns?
Economical Engineering - Minimizing initial investment cost

How to reverse engineer the existing product minimizing the amount of initial investment from our customer is our goal.
Our team will evaluate and help you to determine different methods of
manufacturing of parts from your reverse engineer sample by xxxxx or xxxxx to
minimize your initial cost based on the specification and budget requirement.

The Design Process
Our Design Porcess is Comprised of StepsView More details

Quantity and Pricing

Our pricing is based on the volume and frequency of you order. The more
detailed requirement we receive, the more precise our quotes can be. We try
very hard to give you the best possible product available while staying within
your budget.

Quantities, Volume, & Frequency
Level of Custmization
Budget Requirements & Cost Estimation
Tooling & Machining Requirements
Materials & Availability

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