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We accept in any stage of planning. We give you the freedom to submit your sketches in any form whether is be physically drawn or computer drawn, jepd or pdf.

When submitting you project in sketch form Depending on how much information is submitted, you products pricing will decrease.

Common Conversational Questions You Will Be Asked

What are the most important features you will want for this products?
What is your application?
What specific types of functions are you lookong for?
What systems or configurations will be using this units?
Are there any requirement that we can fulfill for you?

Give Us an Idea What You Want

Dimensions; length and width, hole sizes and distances between each part
Acceptable error margins, measurements, values, ,etrics
Specs: color, logo, bezel design, custom packaging

Quantity and Pricing

Our pricing is based on the volume and frequency of you order. The more
detailed requirement we receive, the more precise our quotes can be. We try
very hard to give you the best possible product available while staying within
your budget.

Quantities, Volume, & Frequency
Level of Custmization
Budget Requirements & Cost Estimation
Tooling & Machining Requirements
Materials & Availability

The Design Process
Our Design Porcess is Comprised of StepsView More details

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