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Thousands of Products to and Modify

Although iStarUSA Group offers thousands of unique products with modular
design products allowing you to pick and choose the configuration you want
for your chassis, not necessary the product will meet all of your specification
requirements, when that happens, let Myodmrack custom made for you, even
with just minor modification,most of the time it is more economical than you
could imagine.

5 Brands , One Goal for Off Shelf Product Selection for Modification

iStarUSA groups offers the following 4 categories of products that you can choose from before deciding how much to modify based on your comparison of the specification to meet your requirement.


The Design Process
Our Design Porcess is Comprised of StepsView More details

Quantity and Pricing

Our pricing is based on the volume and frequency of you order. The more
detailed requirement we receive, the more precise our quotes can be. We try
very hard to give you the best possible product available while staying within
your budget.

Quantities, Volume, & Frequency
Level of Custmization
Budget Requirements & Cost Estimation
Tooling & Machining Requirements
Materials & Availability

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