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Start Your Project Today

At iStarUSA Group, we can assist you in creating the best product for your needs. Wiht our experienced engineers and our industry knowledge we are able to turn ideas into reality.

Ideas to Reality
iStarUSA Group's OEM/ODM specialists are here to help you complete yoru deal design. Here are some questions to answer before we get to point B.

From Sketch
We accept projects in any stage of planning. We give you the freedom to submit your sketches in any form whether it be physically drawn or computer drawn, jpeg or pdf.

2D/3D Model
When you submit a 2D or 3D model, we begin the process by looking over your 2D and 3D designs and transfor them into a working prototype.

Reverse Engineering
If you already have a product you enjoy and would like us to assit you in creating duplicates we can help you with these need as well.

Modify from existing product
Let MyODMRack custom made for you, even with just minor modification, most of the time it is more economical than you could imagine.